Exploring the Idea of Angel Investors with James River Capital and Paul Saunders

Funding a business idea can be a challenge. There are many people who have a great idea for a unique product or service that might fill a need in the market. Unfortunately, these individuals often run into a problem when it comes to funding. Many people will start with their own credit cards, personal savings accounts, and might even take out loans from family members and friends. Eventually, people are going to run out of capital and might not know where to turn to next. This is where the CEO of James River Capital, Paul Saunders, is here to provide assistance.


James River Capital was founded back in 1995 by Paul Saunders. Since that time, Mr. Saunders had made this company one of the most successful in the finance industry. His company is registered with the SEC and provides help in the field of asset trading. Paul Saunders is also heavily involved in a variety of charitable interests. He and his wife even run their own charity. Mr. Saunders enjoys giving advice to young entrepreneurs and recently shared his thoughts on funding a small business.

In addition to bootstrapping and crowdfunding, one of the other options to fund a small business is something called an angel investor. These are investors who are looking to invest large amounts of money into a business idea that they think has some merit. These individuals will often provide thousands of dollars in funding and can even help businesses find other sources of investors. Some people might be wary of meeting investors online which is why there are even networks of angels in the local community. Every angel investor is going to have a slightly different arrangement in terms of their funding; however, these are large sums of money that can get a business rolling in a relatively short amount of time. Angel investors can provide helpful funding for small businesses.