Fabletics Rocking the E-Commerce Biz

The JustFab subsidiary company Fabletics is taking the e-commerce world be storm. The Just Fab company runs on a strong e-commerce plan, so it is not shocking that Fabletics is the same way. Whereas Just Fab runs on shoppers joining as a member with a monthly charge, the Fabletics store does allow customers to shop as a guest or as a member. This unique way of handling customers helps the company to retain customers.

The big problem in today’s world is that it is so easy to shop from anywhere. Customers can be distracted by a mere click of their mouse or by a fun advertisement that will lead them to a new product. The fashion world is so competitive that it is completely worth it to attempt to retain customers if possible. By having customers become members of their company, Fabletics is out maneuvering their competition. If a customer is paying for a monthly membership to a company so they get bargains on athletic gear, of course they would buy all of their work out gear with their membership.

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Fabletics additionally saves customer information when they fill out their membership form. This allows purchasing to be that much easier for the shopper. Customers can easily select the item or full outfit that they want to purchase on wikipedia.org. The item or item will head to their Fabletics shopping cart. Since the membership requires you to add a credit card to be charged for the monthly membership fee, you do not need to fill out your payment option every time you shop. It is automatically saved in the Fabletics protected customer data base.

Fabletics setting themselves apart from JustFab to allow guest customers is another positive of the company. Allowing customers to shop from their e-commerce site as a guest, gives customers a shot to try it out. This gives customers a kind of “trial” of the products. In this way, they do not need to commit to a membership immediately to shop from the Fabletics store. Some fashionistas have complained that they wish Just Fab would allow customers to shop as guests, so it is a positive that Fabletics chose to permit it. Guest shoppers who have a positive experience at Fabletics may also end up getting a membership from the Just Fab company if they were pleased enough.

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