From Carpets to Coupons: The Story of Erik Lefkofsky

Erik Lefkofsky is not your average millionaire. He cares about making a change withing his community and has an impact that will be more than temporary in the fields of health, education, human rights and arts and culture. Along with his wife, they founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, designed to help development and growth projects around the world. Though this and many other programs they support, they want to make life a meaningful experience for women, children, and people with fewer opportunities alike.

But, Who Is Lefkofsky?

Erik Lefkofsky started selling carpets in Michigan University, and then, with his business partner, they founded Starbelly, which became a quick success and then sold it. He has been creating and selling companies, becoming a serial entrepreneur by excellence. And then came Groupon, the social coupon site, he created it in 2008 with his partner, Andrew Mason, and they had no idea how amazingly successful it was going to be, even becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the world, not to mention the doors it opened for the now-seasoned businessman.

Groupon offers its followers a coupon for the day, promoted by a local company, which encourages followers to share on their social networks. As simple as it may sound, it is a fascinating and innovative idea for the era of the internet, where everything is sold, bought and transferred online. It is the business not of the future, but of the present and learn more about Eric.

What The Future Holds

Lefkofsky and his partner Brad Keywell recently invested $ 100 million in Light bank, a firm that focuses on tech startups and that he is confident will change the face business through social media in the upcoming years. He believes it is important to grow and cultivate talent, and taking risks on new companies that may have exactly what he is looking for is the exact solution into making more people aware of the possibilities of a good idea put to work and Eric of Facebook.

Proof of this is the new venture he started, Tempus, a tech ventures that links new scientific discoveries with the battle of cancer. Another innovative and unbelievable approach that will surely disrupt many lives in a positive way, giving families and individuals hope for a better future and accelerating the research that might even turn the world around and take technology even more seriously when it comes to the improvement of people’s everyday lives.