Glenn Schlossberg Broadens Jump Design Group’s Fashion Line

Since the inception of his company, Jump Apparel, in 1990, Glenn Schlossberg has been an icon in the fashion industry. Fashion is in the Schlossberg family, and he started his apprenticeship with his father after which he attended New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Glenn’s philosophy has always been to offer lower cost, high quality clothing. Now Schlossberg’s fashion can be found around in the world and in some of the most famous retail spaces including Macy’s and Nordstrom.

According on PR Newswire, on July 23rd, 2018, Schlossberg’s company purchased Cathy Daniels. The merger means that Jump Apparel has taken over all aspects of Cathy Daniels, and they have kept on all of the staff including President Jerry Passaretti who will take on a new role in the company. Ashesh Amin, CEO of Jump Design Group, sees the new partnership as a way to combine philosophies and ideas rather than a take over. It is a way for Cathy Daniels to use Jump Apparel’s infrastructure and customer base to improve its market share.

Cathy Daniels was started in 1984 by Herbert L. Chestler and his two sons, Steve and Danny. Glenn Schlossberg will combine that sense of tradition with some of the most recent technology in order to bring the latest and highest quality to the consumer. Schlossberg and Jump know that some of these smaller companies did not have access to this technology, or they could not afford to implement them. With Jump’s resources, they will be able to use that technology to gain access to a wider audience. Jump will also be able to offer more products and spread into areas they have not done so yet. That will include athleisure, sportswear, and denim. Jump has already been at the forefront of women’s fashion, and their made-in-America products and top designers produce the highest quality fashion that can be bought by a wide range of buyers.