Greg Blatt’s Success in Online Dating

Greg Blatt is an icon to emulate if you are a leader who is seeking to be a successful figure in the business world. He has worked with IAC, Tinder and Match Group increasing their revenue as well as increasing their customer base. At different points in his career, Greg Blatt has acted as the CEO and chairman of Tinder and Match Group (

He, however, started at Martha Stewart as second after the president in business affairs. Before then, he had worked as an associate of different law firms. His significant roles at the three-dating company, helped the three related businesses to establish a respectful position in the dating industry market.

Greg Blatt studied his Bachelor’s degree in Arts, majoring in Literature, English Language and Economics. He pursued his Masters at Columbia School of Law, where he acquired his Law Degree. The hustle of studying and acquiring his Doctor of Law, basically, played a significant role in sharpening his skills as a businessman who would face the challenges of running an organization to success. He also got to understand what legal issues were involved with the businesses he ran and acted as a guide that helped him understand the implications of the deals he got into with other companies.

As most of Blatt’s work was in the online dating platforms, the impact he brought was marked by the efficiency that those companies were able to satisfy their customers. IAC, Tinder and Match Group are forming the most extensive collection of dating sites worldwide. From these three, a large variety of matches is available for users. His significant evidence of success lies in the growth that Tinder experienced when he brought the Tinder Subscription Offer that led to over one million members joining.

The other one was when Match Group had a five times increase of users. This progress is a rare win experienced by companies. With exceptional levels of success, Greg Blatt has decided to try out other waters. His readiness to think forward and push limits to define what it takes to be a successful leader. Persistence and the ability to learn and absorb lessons is an essential instrument of success in commerce.
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