Gumps, 158 Years Of Luxury Coming To You This Holiday Season


Gumps is a 158-year-old luxury brand, and has recently been acquired and will be relaunched in the fall of 2019. The company was founded by Soloman Gump in 1861, the San Francisco company sold exotic jewels and gifts.

The new sibling owners Anne Chachas, Christopher Chachas, and Jack Chachas are proud to be returning Gumps back in to a family owned business. The siblings plan to maintain Gumps history and pristine reputation for generations to come. Go Here to view their profile on LinkedIn.

Under the Chachas care the company will continue in quality retail sales and e-commerce for millions of clients across the United States and Europe. Gumps department store was located near Union Square in San Francisco and New York City, however the new owners have not indicated what cities the new store will be located in.

Generations of customers around the country have been captivated by Gumps many collections and elegant products from around the world. These collections Gumps offered included precious gemstones, fresh water pearls, and jade from Asia.

Gumps also sells fine jewelry, exquisite crystal, fine bone china, unique home goods and luxury home furniture. They also carry products from designers Hermes and Buccellati. Buccellati is best known for his nature inspired leaf dish collection crafted in the finest silver. Hermes is known for their white gold and unusual jewelry designs.

Gumps luxury goods has been a holiday must have for San Francisco and New York families for over 158 years. The Chachas are excited to be keeping up with this family tradition. As the relaunching of the digital and physical store will be just in time for the 2019 Holiday season. The new Gumps website, which retains the company’s former logo, also promises a re-opening in the fall of 2019. The web site also offers email signup and links to Instagram and Twitter pages.


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