Hope for cancer patients from Sadie Keller and Matt Fleeger

Sadie Keller is a ten-year-old girl who recently discovered that she had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She is the individual behind the establishment of the Sadie Keller Foundation, which supports financially people that are suffering from cancer at childhood. The Foundation acts as the source of specialized support, love, care, and accommodation for some patients.

How has Sadie been able to cope up:

Sadie was diagnosed at the age of seven and took the next three years undergoing a series of treatments from one hospital to the other. She received several blood transfusions, chemotherapy, and injections while fighting infections and other side effects that came after the chemotherapy. The treatment periods took almost all her second and third-grade life as well as the time she could have spent with other kids enjoying the fun.

Sadie did not give up; instead; she generated videos, detailing how she went through various processes of the cancer treatment. This was to prepare other kids who would have or who had the same disability as her. At first, she recorded the videos secretly, but after one of the videos went online, she noticed that it had become a source of strength to many. So, she devoted herself to producing more. At some point, the videos featured on the ESPN cancer research conference. Today, Sadie participates in major cancer conferences, speaking publicly about how she has endured living with cancer.

Where does the funding of Keller Foundation come from?

The Foundation partially receives funds from the government and partly by the independent donor. 4% of the money the government releases for cancer goes to research on childhood cancers. Among the separate donor to the Foundation is Matt Fleeger. Matt Fleeger is an expert and a businessman specializing in fields such as oil and gas, waste management and tanning companies. On a recent donation, Matt gave out an outstanding $14,000 for Sadie and the Foundation.