How Betterworks Can Improve Your Company’s Feedback Culture

In many workplaces, an annual employee review is a worker’s primary source of feedback from management. While the feedback they receive may be constructive in some situations, many employees are not able to glean as much useful information from reviews as they need or want. In a recent survey conducted by Gallup, 19 percent of workers confirmed that they received regular feedback from their manager or employer. While this is a revealing statistic, it is more alarming that only 18 percent of those surveyed said that their employer offered substantive feedback that they found meaningful.

Improving the feedback culture in your workplace should be a top goal. After all, your employees’ satisfaction with their jobs may be directly correlated with their belief that they are advancing professionally. In addition, your ability to provide constructive feedback that your employees can grow from may improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace. If you are searching for an effective Continuous Performance Management® solution that lives up to your high expectations, Betterworks is the solution that deserves your attention.

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Betterworks fosters the improvement of a positive feedback culture that benefits employees and employers alike. The format enables managers to consistently monitor and analyze the efforts of workers without micromanagement. Through this ongoing and accurate information, managers can identify areas that require improvement. This feedback is provided through the Betterworks platform in real time. Employees can quickly act on constructive feedback for professional development. Take a few minutes today to explore what Betterworks offers and how its features can benefit your team and your company.

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