How Cyrus Moghadam Used Interpersonal Skills to Construct a New Aqueduct

Cyrus Moghadam is a student at Stanford University where he has been studying since 2014. He is an outgoing person who demonstrated tremendous leadership skills when volunteering with Amigos de Las Americas. Visit MCLA to know more about Cyrus.

While volunteering, Cyrus Moghadam identified the need for construction of a new aqueduct in a community that did not have native English speakers. He went ahead to raise funds independently and supervised the construction of a new aqueduct that supplies 300 community members with water. Read more at about Cyrus Moghadam.

Besides volunteering and showing a great sense of helping the community, Cyrus Moghadam has excellent interpersonal skills such as team building, teamwork, and leadership skills. He used these skills to raise and construct an aqueduct that is helping a community today.

However, the true strength of Cyrus Moghadam can be seen in the real estate industry where his commercial real estate knowledge has been felt by other stakeholders. He has been involved in real estate transactions and some complex financial modeling activities.