How Marc Beer Healthcare with Entrepreneurship

Marc Beer is one of the prominent entrepreneurs that combine healthcare solutions and entrepreneurship. During his career of 25 years, Beer has contributed significantly to the success of many companies. His expertise in coming up with remedies of stubborn problems is remarkable. Marc has won a reputation in the healthcare industry through his innovative prowess that surprises his competitors. One of the original recipes of his success is the education background. Despite being talented in the business world, Marc’s heart goes to the University of Miami for honing his business skills. Beer graduated from the institution with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1987.

The training from the university doesn’t disappoint Marc Beer because he has worked in various companies in executive capacities. His tenure as the Global Marketing Deputy President of Genzyme is among the most memorable times in his career. The company exposed him to the world because he spent the better time of his time in the company going round for marketing trips. His promotion targeted improving the lives of more than 350 million people with over 7,000 rare illness affecting humanity.

Marc Beer developed a knack for helping underserved people at an earlier stage, but he decided to work harder to achieve his goal. Beer started his first company, ViaCell, to address the medical issues correctly at the turn of the millennium. Viacell was a biotechnology company specializing in developing the blood stem cells from the umbilical cord for treating human body disorders. The process involved the collecting and preserving of the cells from different sources. ViaCell proliferated hence going public after five years and trading as VIAC on NASDAQ.

As an entrepreneur, Marc Beer sold the company for $300 million to PerkinElmer in 2007. The sale marked the start of his success in the entrepreneurial field only seven years after starting his first company. His celebration was short-lived because he lost 42 years old his wife after the successful deal. Marc diverted his attention to his three children for two years until he founded Renovia Inc., his second company. Beer’s heart goes to his 14 years old daughter that advised him to pick up the pieces and forge ahead with his entrepreneurial career. Learn more:

Renovia Inc. specializes in looking for solutions for helping the millions of women suffering from pelvic floor disorders. Marc Beer collaborated with Yolanda Lorié and Dr. Ray Iglesias to start the company in 2016. Pelvic floor disorder patients undergo fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and difficulty in controlling urine. Marc used the company to look for funds that would help the patients. He planned two successful rounds that collected money for performing research and coming up with therapeutic and diagnostic devices. Renovia released its first product, Leva in 2018 after the approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Marc Beer also supports different charities through his philanthropic activities.

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