How OSI Group May Help Make The Impossible Burger A Possible Option For Vegetarians

Impossible Foods is the company behind the creation of the plant-base burger called the Impossible Burger. The Impossible Burger’s demand has increased due to it being sold by the fast-food restaurant, Burger King. Impossible Foods faces a shortage of the Impossible Burger led the company to partner with OSI Group. OSI Group has been the meat supplier of McDonald’s for over 60 years. OSI started in Chicago as a butcher shop and it was in the early 1950s the company would partner with McDonalds. The partnership between OSI and Impossible Foods would allow the OSI to produce a plant-based burger for the first time. OSI has 17 facilities globally and the company understands the logistics of working with supplying great demand.

Impossible Foods would create the Impossible Burger in 2016 and its’ demand is created by over 15,000 different restaurants with Burger King being one of the first major fast-food chains to serve the Impossible Burger. There are many people electing to substitute meat with an alternative such as the Impossible Burger. Some people like the change of having burgers not coming from animals. Impossible Foods will influence more vegetarians and vegans to visit fast-food restaurants. There are many people are surprised by the speed that the popularity of the meatless burger has grown. People normally are slow at making changes or accepting changes. Most companies who are bringing about changes normally would expect a long process before people would come around.

The partnership with OSI Group who has grown from a butcher shop in Chicago to a global supplier of several restaurants including McDonald has led some speculation. People feel there will be a meatless burger option on the largest fast-food chain’s menu in the future. The Golden Arches have a meatless burger option, but it is not available in the United States. Experts believe before a meat substitute becomes part of McDonalds restaurants in the United States, the logistical details must be considered. The shortage of the Impossible Burgers is influential in the partnership with OSI Group and most of the management has taken notice of the logistical implications of offering the burger in an operation such as McDonalds. Impossible Foods with the approval of the Food and Drug Administration will soon be able to offer their products to retail establishments.

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