Is Regional Banking The Best Route

Earning, storing, and growing wealth is something that most practical people do. Keeping your money in a safe in place is what traditional banks do the best. In most cases, dealing with financial institutions is the way to go, but in other cases, not so much is expected. Regional/Community banking has exploded as of late and it’s now giving the larger national banks a run for their money. Regional banking offer some of the most innovative products and services to store and grow your wealth while offering much lower rates and that’s what give it an advantage over it’s competition. John Holt, whom is President and CEO of NexBank Capital is running one of the most successful regional banks in the country. Last year he was chosen to be a guest panelist at the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans.


This event is held every year and it’s a great place for industry participants to get “in the know” when it comes to this style of banking. Consultants, bank leaders, and advisers come here to share perspectives and to discuss any challenges that regional banking may be having. John Holt represented well as he spoke on reinvention, organic growth, and branching. The event was a hit as expected and (CB) customers can expect bigger and better things in the future. NexBank is the perfect example of a regional bank as it provides some of the highest of quality of services besides it’s specialty of investment, commercial, and mortgage banking.


As of 2016, this affluent bank had an estimated $4.0 Billion in assets and it provides treasury management, credit services, public funds, warehouse lending, agency services and many more. The future of regional banking is looking great and NexBank is the leading the charge.