Isabel Dos Santos Sees Changes Happening For Women Entrepreneurs

Historically, women in Africa have had a harder time making it in the world of business when compared to men. Fortunately, the top richest woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos, sees this changing and has a great deal of hope for the future when it comes to equal opportunities for women when it comes to employment along with fair treatment. While she has seen a lot of progress, there is still a great deal of work to be done and progress that needs to be made in order for Isabel dos Santos to truly believe that women have equal rights to men in Africa as well as the rest of the world. It’s clear to any woman who has ever been involved in the business world of Africa that prejudice and sexism are still quite common.

Even with all of the success that the entrepreneur and a savvy investor has had during her life, she states that she still faces discrimination in the workplace. Isabel dos Santos mentioned in her recent interview that there had been situations in which she was being second-guessed by her male peers. While women around the world may want to speak out about the discrimination that they are facing, she understands that many women are afraid of the repercussions that can sometimes come with it. In some cases, they are afraid of facing further discrimination or even losing their job so they stay quiet about their experiences.

Even though Isabel dos Santos has become one of the richest people throughout Angola and Africa as a whole, she states that many people who do not know her assume that she must be a housewife for a rich husband instead of being a powerful businesswoman that she is. She wants people to start viewing women in the same way that they do men when it comes to asking about their careers. Investors tend to not take women as seriously as men and some cases which can mean that they have to work even harder to prove themselves to get the funding that their business needs. While things are changing, it will still take patience and hard work. Click here.


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