Isabel dos Santos steps to Excellence

Isabel dos Santos has prevailed in the entrepreneurship industry; she is at her late 40s living in Luanda Angola. Having graduated with a degree in Electrical engineering Isabel dos, Santos gained extensive skills and experience that enables her to run the business and all her investments to success (Businesswire).

She was raised in Baku in a royal family of Jose dos Santos. Isabel believes in making her destiny; hence she is determined and passionate to make all her dreams a reality. After graduation, Isabel served for some years at the European stock exchange in the management department but later returned to Luanda to help his father run the Urbana project. Isabel dos Santos realized her interest to join the investment sector therefore in 1997 she launched Miami Beach restaurants in Luanda, and after some years of earning profit Isabel dos, Santos ventured in a diverse line of work.

Isabel dos Santos hard work and determination contributed to her founding other business holdings in Angola a well as other parts of the world. She believes in providing hope and job opportunities for Africans; hence Isabel dos Santos has invested her wealth in Africa. She is the founder and president of the Angola mobile company Unitel ensure people have a convenient and efficient communication system. Isabel dos Santos investments include the oil and Energy Company in Amsterdam; the diamond business started after the partnership with her mother among others.

As a woman, Isabel dos Santos understands the need for empowering women since in many African cultures women are not allowed to make their dreams a reality. She has started movements aiming at ensuring women are given technical roles. Isabel dos Santos also encourages Africans to embrace education that will broaden their comprehensive means. Isabel dos Santos has also taken the responsibility of advocating for globalization in Africa urging other people to invest in Africa and provide hope ensuring that they don’t have to rely on other foreign countries. Previously Africans could starve, but due to digitization and adopting modern agricultural technologies, they can conduct irrigation farming hence reliable food supply.

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