Jeff Aronin-Philanthropic CEO Using Compassion In Pioneering The Way Toward Serving The Medical Community

Jeff Aronin is not only a CEO of a major company, but he is also considered a philanthropist as well. As the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, Jeff strives to not only provide a medical service, but also to be able to provide that service in the most sensitive way possible.


The main focus of Jeff Aronin’s company is to provide medical care to patients suffering from rare diseases who would otherwise have no where else to turn or to seek out the rare places that will be able to treat their diseases. In order for medical patients to fight their diseases head on, they need to be financially ready as well as have the knowledge and resources as to where to turn for their treatment. Paragon Biosciences and it’s CEO, Jeff Aronin, have a business model that has led them to experience great success. They offer both financial and strategic assistance to any biotechnology company that is striving to create new medicines. By supporting these companies, Jeff and his company will be able to have a hand in developing these new medicines that will benefit those patients who have no where else to seek help.


Perhaps one of the most influential reasonings behind why his company, Paragon Biosciences, is so successful, is because Jeff is well known in his business community as a compassionate leader with a heart for serving others. This trait is what allows him to be a pioneer in his industry in not only creating the needed resources to suffering patients, but also to actually care about their well being. To care about the reasoning why you are creating the product you are creating will be one of the most important features that sets a company apart from it’s competitors.


In the current world that we are living in, diseases seem to be more and more prevalent. It is important more now than ever, that we have more CEO’s like Jeff Aronin, who care about the success of their company as well as the well being and quality of life of the patients they are serving.