Lori Senecal Announces Her Departure from CP+B Global

Theoretically, each member of a company plays a significant role when it comes to determining its success. However, the truth remains; it is the top fellows of the company that impact the extent of the victory. Lori Senecal is among the few CEOs across the globe whose effort can never go unrecognized.

The lucky lady leaves a legacy at every opportunity she is provided to lead. Today, Senecal serves as the CEO of CP+B Global. However, her presence at the company is not to be enjoyed for long since she announced her plan to exit come to the end of 2017. Lori took her role at CP+B at around March 2015. Her departure from the MDC partners agency come as a blow to the organization owing to the tremendous influence she has on the company.

It is during Lori’s leadership that CP+B beat off TM Advertising from a deal with American Airlines. As many would say, the deal was a significant milestone for the company bearing in mind that TM Advertising had the opportunity for over 25 years.

Besides, the miseries at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) don’t seem to end with Lori’s departure. Richard Pinder has also confirmed the rumors that he is exiting the prestigious firm. Pinder is among the few individuals who mean success to the company hence his departure also come as a blow to the MDC’s shop. Pinder has a rich portfolio as he is the founder of The House Worldwide. His network worked in close collaboration with well-known brands such as Levis, Lenovo among many others before it was acquired by CP+B. As a result, CP+B is spending sleepless nights trying to choose those who will replace the talented duo.

About Lori Senecal

Currently, Lori Senecal is the seating CEO Of CP+B. When it comes to work experience, Lori takes pride in holding the key to all. According to Campaign Live, the strong lady previously served as the Global Executive Chairman of KBS, a task that was followed by incredible results. As the CEO, Lori works day and night to redefine MDC’s way of operation.

As per the record, every company that Lori steps her foot gets to achieve unbelievable results. Before getting associated with KBS, Lori had the chance of working with McCann Erickson at their New York office. Over the past few years, Lori has been crowned numerous accolades as an appreciation to her motivation to the women. Follow Lori on Twitter.