Luke Lazarus Helps New Business Owners to Thrive

Many new businesses are unable to make it past two years. Many times this occurs because they have not planned properly and have not strategized enough to think about the best ways to market the business.

Another reason why this occurs is new business owners try to start their business on their own without having someone they could call on to help them plan. Luke Lazarus is a business consultant that helps business owners to create success in their business. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase and Luke Lazarus | Interview

Melbourne, Australia, is where Luke Lazarus was born. He started off as an entrepreneur from a very young age and continued own that path. Luke Lazarus competed in sports in his youth and still maintained a great grade point average.

He earned an MBA from Melbourne Business School. Over the course of adulthood, he created four different companies and was able to sell them for profit. Now, he finds joy in helping others to have the same kind of success he has. He wanted to be able to help other entrepreneurs overcome any hurdles that would get in their way of having massive success.

Luke Lazarus has been the reason why many businesses have gone from struggling to make millions of dollars. He is known for his directness, and some people do not like his style because of it. He feels like he should be realistic with people, so they will know exactly what to expect.

Luke Lazarus also is brilliant in helping companies to get capital for their business. Some people think they may be able to just read a book to have success.

Luke Lazarus knows that having someone who has done something before with success can be a game-changer for any business. Some of the things Luke Lazarus focuses on when he consults with a business is their systems and the way they do operations.

He wants things within the company to be as seamless as possible. He does not want the business owners he works with to have to think about anything. Luke Lazarus is someone people can learn from when it comes to business strategies.

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