Maarten De Jeu Short-Term Investment Security

Attorney Maarten de Jeu is a corporate development specialist and international strategy advisor. He is well recognized internationally for the successful growth initiatives that he has led in the United States and Europe. He was educated in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Maarten earned his Masters in Social Science from Leiden University with a major in Public Administration. He went on to attend the Said Business School at the University of Oxford. In 2005 he earned an Executive MBA and graduated first in his class with numerous specializations in finance.


Maarten de Jeu accumulated experience for nearly a decade at TVDK Management Consultants, a company based in Amsterdam that specializes in international strategy. Starting as an analyst, he was soon promoted and reached Senior Associate. While working at Aviva plc, an insurance firm in London, he developed several strategies and initiatives for the companies growth in Asia and Europe. In 2008 he was re-recruited for the company’s North American division which is located in Chicago, Illinois. His current responsibilities include strategic planning, M&A support, portfolio reviews, and the assessment of new business opportunities. He has been highly successful in leading Aviva’s efforts to grow the sales of life insurance inside the United States. 


Martin De Jeu shares how beneficial adding hard assets is to your investment portfolio can be. In terms of hard assets, commercial real estate investment is beneficial in several ways. However, it has not always been possible for the average investor to take advantage of these benefits. Until the Jump-Start Our Business Startups Act, (JOBS) was passed in 2012, the opportunity was only available to the extremely rich. Now -non-accredited investors can acquire pre-selected properties with an investment as low as $5000. They can earn a share of the monthly rent or appreciation of the property value in its sale.


Consumer goods and services costs are always expected to rise with time. For investors that are holding only traditional investments, this can pose a serious problem. Those investments’ appreciation rates are likely to fall behind the rate of inflation within a calendar year. By adding investments in commercial real estate, investors can circumvent this problem. Commercial real estate is a hard asset that is extremely lucrative and considerably low risk. The property will sell for an amount that will resolve the inflation rate over the time that you hold the investment. In addition to this, the confinement of only gaining returns on long-term investment is a non-issue. Monthly tenants provide the rent returns on commercial real estate properties. This return gives you close to instant access to short-term cash that can be applied to new investments or to dissolve short term cash-flow matters. Learn more:


The most attractive thing about commercial real estate investing is that the short-term gain can compensate for the long-term fluctuations and strategies for other areas of your investment portfolio. Another attraction is that these investments are less volatile than other forms of investment. The value of hard assets can be insured in such a way that stock market investments can not.

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