Marc Beer Is Bringing Decades Of Experience To LumeNXT

While Marc Beer may be making headlines for raising funding for Renovia and their pelvic floor disorder products, he recently was named as Chairman of the Board for LumeNXT as well. The company that creates illuminated surgical devices is excited about bringing his experience and expertise on board to the company. LumeNXT is privately held and is developing surgical tools for procedures that are minimally invasive. By using this type of illumination, LumeNXT and Marc Beer hope that their products will help doctors produce better results for their patients. Learn more:


Marc Beer expressed pride in the opportunity to work with the engineers, surgeons, and other professionals that are part of the team at LumeNXT. He believes that the proprietary technology that they are developing will be even more important in the future as surgeries become less and less invasive. Surgeons who have used targeted illumination state that they are able to get better flexibility, precision, and visualization compared to methods using traditional types of illumination. The platform that they used is able to improve surgical precision while reducing heat. Marc Beer has had a great deal of success in the past and the co-founder of LumeNXT, Paul Rhyne, states that this experience is highly valued at the company.


Marc Beer has been working in the development as well as the commercialization of pharmaceuticals, devices, biotechnology, and diagnostics for over 25 years. He founded the company known as Renovia alongside Ramon Iglesias, MD and Yolanda Lorie back in 2016. While the company may still be new, Renovia has already had one of their products approved by the Food and Drug Administration with several more in the pipeline. Recently, the company managed to close another round of funding in which they were able to attract new and old investors alike. In the past, Marc Beer has played an essential part in the development of treatments for rare and debilitating illnesses in which there were no other options. One of the medications he is associated with received approval in 36 countries around the world.


Marc Beer has held several other executive positions before his work with Renovia and prior to that had roles in marketing and sales as well. The well-known businessman attended Miami University in Ohio where he earned a bachelor’s degree. Along with his work with Renovia and LumeNXT, he is also a member of different boards and councils. In the past, Marc Beer was a member of the Biotechnology Industry Emerging Companies Section Governing Board and the Mass Life Science board as well. There are several rare diseases that do not have cures or even treatments and he has improved the lives of many people through his work in the medical world.