Matt Badiali Shares The Financial Wonder He Dubbed As “Freedom Checks”

Real Wealth Strategist is an investment newsletter that provides people with advice on what natural resources they should be investing in. It is edited by Matt Badiali who spent more than 20 years as a geologist and is available through Banyan Hill Publishing. Whether it’s investing in marijuana, a gold mining company, an oil producer, or an electricity producer he shares his knowledge about what companies will offer the biggest returns.

He has a master’s degree in earth sciences that he acquired at Florida Atlantic University. He was teaching and completing his Ph.D. studies at the University of North Carolina when a friend of his requested that he instead join his company as the natural resources expert. He started to write for this company’s subscribers who wanted to know the best way to invest in natural resources. This area of investing is notoriously boom and bust so his advice can mean the difference between a huge gain or loss.

One investment that Matt Badiali has been sharing with his readers over the past year is what he has named “Freedom Checks”. These are dividends that can pay really big returns, potentially thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Matt Badiali gave the name Freedom Checks to what is known in the financial industry as master limited partnerships, or MLPs.

Matt Badiali wrote that Reuters reported that these checks are creating a windfall for investors. The Motley Fool website said that the dividends are sky-high. Forbes called them a great investment as well, saying they present a “bullish case”. Of course, it takes money to make money so the more you invest the more you can gain.

He wrote in Real Wealth Strategist that anyone can make money from Freedom Checks no matter what their age, income level, or other factors. Matt Badiali wrote that what is key is to get in as soon as possible because the 568 entities that can issue Freedom Checks are poised to pay out $34.6 billion soon. If you don’t own their stock you won’t get a penny of this money as he rightfully points out.

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