Mr. Devos Is a Highly Experienced Pilot

It is undeniable that Dick and Betsy DeVos have produced many donations that they have used to assist the GOP. The DeVos couple is also famous for their support for educational groups. Mrs. DeVos has also worked hard to ensure that she can improve the academic approaches used across the American nation.


This fact is evident from her work as the newest supervisor of America’s Education Department. You must additionally be aware of the following: Mr. DeVos is an experienced aircraft pilot and self-identified airplane aficionado. However, Mr. DeVos did not have a great deal of professional experience in working with any commercial airlines.


Despite that fact, he was requested to institute a comprehensive plan to improve the Grand Rapids airport. Hence, Mr. DeVos acquired control and facilitated the delivery of flights from the Southwest airline organization to the airport in Grand Rapids. There was also a problem with the price of the tickets that were leaving from Grand Rapids.


Therefore, any person seeking to alight from Grand Rapids airport had to pay a premium for their tickets. Few people were able to afford to board their aircraft from Grand Rapids in place of a nearby alternative airport. Fortunately, Mr. DeVos was able to create an agreement that worked to reduce the price of these tickets.


DeVos has a degree of experience in running companies under his ownership of the Windquest Group. The Windquest Group is an entrepreneurial organization headquartered in the state of Michigan. Both Mr. and Mrs. Devos additionally like to be involved in politics.


Mrs. Devos is also now the boss of America’s Department of Education. However, Mr. Devos was not successful in his efforts to win the post of state governor of Michigan in the year 2006. The Devos family has additionally assisted a large number of distinct establishments by aiding them in the beginning to create charter schools.


Mrs. DeVos, in collaboration with her spouse, has successfully worked to improve the growth of charitable organizations across Michigan. This collaboration was particularly significant during the time that they were coordinating their attempts to form an educational institution dedicated to the training of aviators. Betsy DeVos has also collaborated with her husband to found a few successful schools in their native state of Michigan.


Her work together with her spouse was one of the reasons why President Trump appointed her to be the newest leader of America’s Education Department. Mr. DeVos also worked to support Mrs. DeVos during her severe experience before the Senate. The objective of this investigation was to establish the suitability of Betsy DeVos for her new job.


This hearing occurred as part of her ratification as the head of the Department of Education.


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