Natural Beauty Scenes at Grace Farms


Grace Farms rests on an 80-plus acres of land. A cultural institution, a community center surrounded with serene natural beauty. Grace Farm uses the ample outdoor surrounding to foster understanding and education, inspire thought, garner preservation, increase communication and enhance the appreciation of all aspects of nature.

Free to the public seven days a week, Sharon Prince Grace Farms calls on visitors to interact with individuals from different backgrounds, get close to nature, meet thought provoking art, listen to leaders within different disciplines, and engage actively in various on-site programs.


According to President and Chair of Grace Farms, Sharon Prince, the inspiration behind the farm is the land. She adds that the expansive property and its beauty inspires a sense of awe. There are numerous great nature-based offerings at Grace Farms including, seasonal bounties, ecological and biodiversity appreciation, birds, meadows, gardening education and community garden as well as Earth Day festivities.


Sharon Prince from inception described the purpose of Sharon Prince Grace Farms. It’s a foundation focused on preserving the site as a gift of a peaceful environment for the community to enjoy, open space, and encourage individuals draw inspiration from nature, encounter arts, pursue justice, explore faith, and the greatest of all partner for the common good.


Nature is fully alive at the Grace Farms with the nature-centered programming that are integrated seemly with the natural beauty that invokes conservation, appreciation and education. The continuous opportunities for community engagement, yearly special events and seasonal driven activities make it stand out.


Sharon Prince is the Founder and President of Grace Farms Foundation established in October 2015. Through the foundation she fights to end human trafficking, child exploitation and violence against women on international, national and local scale. Sharon Prince offered significant contribution during the 2016 United Nation University convention in 2016.


She is also a member of the Unchain: Freedom needs Fighters, a worldwide media campaign against modern day slavery. Besides her role at Grace Farms, she is also a board member at Next Generation Nepal, a charity organization that seeks to reconnect victims of child exploitation with their loved ones.


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