Neurocore Treatments for ADHD Related Mental Health Issues


Neurocore is a brain treatment center that is located in Boca Raton, Florida  and they also have a facility in Livonia, Michigan. This organization was created in 2004 and it is a leading enterprise in neuroscience therapy processes. One area of treatment that Neurocore provides is related to ADHD.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a neurobehavioral disorder. This brain condition causes a person to experience a prolonged pattern of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsive issues that affects their ability to function or to properly develop. Many people with ADHD also experience troubled relationships, school difficulty and they typically do not like themselves. Click Here to learn more.


Keep in mind that ADHD has been developing at a rapid pace in various parts of America. In the past people just didn’t have the knowledge or resources to effectively tackle this disease. Many people who had ADHD were written off as crazy. This stigma has changed significantly over the years. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Kids often experience the effects of ADHD. However, more women are starting to deal with this issue as well. Neurocore knows that an epidemic of ADHD has been happening since the 2010s. Normally, many medical professionals would treat this condition with talk therapy and medications. However, Neurocore takes a different approach. They use brain training and “Neurofeedback”.


Neurocore carries out this process by hooking up electrodes to a person’s head. The electrodes are connected onto key areas of a person’s head. Once the unit is hooked up, patients will have to watch a movie. If their mind starts to wander, the movie will shut off. The motion picture will not start again unless they refocus their mind back on the flick.


Neurocore provides this type of treatment for children and adults. The treatment is effective. Since it works because it is now being used with greater frequency and better results. Neurocore doesn’t claim to have the cure for this condition. However, the organization knows that ADHD can be effectively managed and give people a chance at living a normal life.


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