Nick Sarnicola Is an Entrepreneur with a Passion to Succeed

Nick Sarnicola and his wife are at the top of the earning list for ViSalus. The couple earns about $221,000 per month. Nick Sarnicola has lots of experience with network marketing and has involved himself with the industry for a decade. Sarnicola co-founded the company in 2005. He was a multi-millionaire by the time he reached the age of 25. He currently owns homes in Grand Rapids and South Beach.

He travels across the nation supporting his team and helping to grow his base and company. He discovered network marketing at 18. At that time, he had no idea what network marketing was all about. His dream was to be rich one day. He made it happen.

He got involved with ViSalus by creating it. The company he originally excelled in went out of business. Nick Sarnicola called the top leader on his team and they both decided that not getting paid was not an option. They acquired the old company and changed its name to ViSalus. For more information about Nick Sarnicola, visit his crunchbase profile

Nick Sarnicoloa actually resigned his role at the top after time and started over again as a distributor. It took him only two years to build his team to a collective $35 million per month in sales. He encourages people coming into the business not to worry about having anyone placed under them. Just work hard to build their business. His team has currently has 80,000 members who are active.

ViSalus overees operations in Los Angeles. The MLM company also runs offices in downtown Detroit. Its products include weight management dietary supplements, and various energy drinks. ViSalus operates in the U.S., Italy, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The company has new products that incluce Vi meal Bars and Nutra Chips along with its menu of drinks, snacks, supplements, and healthy meals. Nick Sarnicola spends quality time helping educate and inspire new entepreneurs into building their business around Vi products. Sarnicola has the mind and spirit of a true entereprenuer. He has a lot of energy, and will likely continue to help his company grow by leaps and bounds. He is also the type of person that does not mind starting over from scratch.

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