Nitin Khanna Believes In Medical Cannabis As A Treatment For Illness’

Cannabis is undergoing a surge in popularity as doctors and patients use it to alleviate the pain of certain medical conditions. This growing trend has been noticed by business professionals who now find it profitable to sell cannabis and its products in states where it is now legal. One of the business professionals who has ventured into the cannabis business is Nitin Khanna.

Nitin Khanna was born in India where he attended The Lawrence School in Sanawar. Khanna continued his education at Purdue University where he obtained a bachelor and masters in industrial engineering. Khanna started his long career in tech and mergers and acquisitions by co-founding Saber Corp. in 1998. Since then, Nitin Khanna has gained years of expertise in merger and acquisitions for tech companies by working at MergerTech, which he founded.

In 2015 Nitin Khanna made a career move into the field of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is a $100 billion business. Slowly cannabis oil and edibles are shifting into legal status in some states. Nitin Khanna is the CEO of Cura Cannabis Solutions, which sells cannabis vape oil and cartridges. Nitin Khanna has stated that he wants to make available the medical benefits of the cannabis plant without the psychoactive element to consumers in the form of CBD.

Cura Cannabis Solutions is dedicated to producing high-quality products in the form in edibles and CBD oils. All products are tested under the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program testing processes and all results are viewable on their website. With the popularity of medical cannabis in use as an alternative treatment for several medical conditions, there are no doubts that Cura Cannabis Solutions will continue to grow and expand in the future. The company has already seen growth since it was first founded in 2015 from a group of 15 employees to the current 125 employees.

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