Owner of Watford Football Club, Gino Pozzo

Gino Pozzo has been known for leading football teams from the lower divisions to the top. His remarkable reputation has made him be one of the most consulted figures in England Premier League. Today, he owns Watford Football Club, a well-known team in the England premier league. Born in Udinese, Italy, Gino Pozzo grew to be passionate about football. His parent’s enthusiasm for football serviced his passion. The Watford owner has been known to relate with the Udinese Calcio Football club president. As such, they have maintained their loyalty in the team in their whole lives.

In his late teens, Gino Pozzo relocated to the U.S where he pursued his MBA at Harvard University. After his studies, he moved to other counties such as Spain before moving to London with his family. The family has been globally known for their enthusiasm in football where the passion stated after the purchase of Udinese Club by Gianpaolo. Gino,s dad purchased the team through the family saving thus owning the group to his family. Pozzo family have engaged in several businesses in different sectors such as the electrical and woodworking industries in Italy and Spain. Recently, they have been involved in several acquisitions and mergers thus rising to glory.

According to Pozzo, football has been their primary focus where they are committed to offering the best in the football industry. In a recent interview, he explained how the passion started through the purchase of Udinese Football Club back in Italy. Gino purchased the football club in 2012 following a close observation of the team and its potentials. The ownership of the club has been a groundbreaking move in England’s sports industry. While in Udinese, He raised the title of the club from Serie C to Serie B. Through the experience he has had in Udinese; Gino aims at applying the technical knowledge in his club Watford.