Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Freedom Debt Relief is a debt resolution company that has assisted customers with the development of solid financial plans for nearly 20 years. In a recent publication of testimonials from the company’s clients, Kayvon Pence described his financial circumstances before, during, and after his initial consultation with Freedom Debt Relief. In his review, Kayvon stated that Freedom Debt Relief debt consultants helped him to survive one of the most difficult times of his life and placed him on the path to success and more information click here.

Before his consultation with Freedom Debt Relief reviews, Kayvon had a typical American relationship with debt. Over the course of his 20 year adult life, Kayvon had taken out loans for college, the purchase of his home, and random personal expenses. Although he suspected that he possessed slightly more debt than he would prefer, Kayvon was maintaining consistent monthly payments and was current on all of his credit accounts. When he encountered a family emergency, however, Kayvon began to lose control of his financial security and their Website.

After several years of marriage, Kayvon experienced a divorce process that was long and grueling. In addition to attorney’s fees, Kayvon was required to pay spousal support and other sums that drastically changed his income level. After coming to the realization that he could no longer afford to make payments on his credit accounts, Kayvon decided to participate in debt consolidation and financial strategy services offered by Freedom Debt Relief. During his consultation, Kayvon was presented with several affordable monthly payment options which would allow him to make progress on his credit accounts while maintaining his home and utility payments. Kayvon stated that he would not have survived his emergency with such grace if it had not been for the caring service offered by Freedom Debt Relief. Interested individuals can find more Freedom Debt Relief Reviews on the company’s web page.

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Lori Senecal Successful Career

Lori Senecal is one of the most successful women in the modern market. At the moment, Senecal is working as the Global CEO for a company known as Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Lori Senecal is very hardworking and dedicated to her activities, and this played a key role in her successful career life. Although she has made in life, Lori Senecal did not have an easy life. When growing up, the businesswoman had to undergo very difficult life. These challenges prepared her for greater things in the future.

When growing up, Lori Senecal had older siblings who motivated her and pulled her to achieve better and greater things in life.When analyzing her success story, individuals who are close to the business lady says that she deserves the career accomplishments under her name. After completing her high school education, Lori Senecal was admitted to the university for her degree in sales and marketing. When she completed her studies at the university, the business lady decided to venture into the corporate world and get employment. Everything she touched emerged successfully.

According to Fast Company who have worked with Lori Senecal, the businesswoman has done well because of several reasons. First of all, Senecal is a leader who has all the qualities companies need to make it to the top. These qualities have brought out the best in all the individuals who work under the leadership of Senecal. Lori’s greatest passion is to bring out the best in companies and persons who are under her leadership. The life of Senecal has been a success from the start.

In the year 2003, Lori Senecal decided to use some of her innovative ideas and introduce the prestigious TAG Ideation. This was a young-adult marketing unit that did very well under her leadership. Using her expertise and knowledge in data analysis, the businesswoman managed work with some of the most respected brands in the international market such as Nestle, Weight Watcher among others. Most of these brands benefited significantly when working with the businesswoman. Most of them made very high sales and profits. Senecal has a lot of knowledge in company management, and this explains his success. Follow her on Twitter

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Securus Technologies Aids in Combating Crimes in North America

Securus Technologies is a leading company in the criminal investigation found in 1986. The company has aided in ensuring public security and safety with the help of their officers. Most government agencies, correctional companies, law enforcement, are dependent on the Securus Technologies to get the best and secure technologically advanced solutions. They are considered to be the best since it has different specialists like engineers, designers, and technologists.


The company is located in Dallas, Texas. Today, we have provided employment opportunities in the law enforcement departments, corrections, and public safety agencies. Over 1 million inmates get their services not only in North America but also the US all the way to Mexico. One of the competitive strategies it uses is by ensuring that they provide their customers with quality goods and services that maintain customer loyalty and value for money. This ranks them to the best high-tech software provider.


Parolee tracking and detainee communications, Securus Technologies, Inc. are considered the best. Our monitoring solutions are on the basis of the RF-based enrollee, GPS and other support programs to ensure supervision and tracking of adults and community safety. The company mainly focuses on the special needs of law enforcers and correctional facilities. Our headquarter offices being based in Dallas also has other offices in the Dallas Metro Area as well as Atlanta, Georgia, and other regional offices in Carrollton and Allen.


In the PR Newswire, the customer’s comments concerning Securus Technologies give sensational experience. One of the clients commented that we had shown a lot of commitment in offering solutions to their requests and made their operations effective by updating their investigative tools. Another customer liked our technological developments and loved the first interaction. These are just some of the sampled comments that point out that we are a better-placed company in a competitive edge.


Compelling Facts about Aloha Construction

Aloha construction is a construction company based in Chicago. The company is well known for its superb roofing and siding services. The company also undertakes some home repairs such as fixing the window, installing gutters, replacing worn out screens, installing insulation boards and many other repairs. The company has undergone series of change and revolutions making to expand in size.

To ensure that Aloha construction offer quality services all its employees undergo extensive home repair and training in prominent schools like Vinyl Siding Institute. Anytime you entrust your work with Aloha construction employees be sure of high-quality services. Management of Aloha construction keenly makes a follow-up of their projects. After some time the management may call you to check if you were fully satisfied with their services and what Aloha Construction knows.

The company is also well known for taking a partnership with other organizations. For instance, lately, the company partnered with Learning Express Toys in launching shopping spree for the children in need. Amongst the people who took part in this event were members of Omni-Youth Services. The main aim of the event was to provide educational support to children, young adults, and adolescents.

Aloha construction makes use of the recent technology in repairing your home. She is well known of sponsoring charity events in Zurich families with the aid of Dave Farbaky who is the CEO.DaveFarbaky has worked hard to make sure Dave Farbaky Foundation (DFF) is functional. The foundation is dedicated to giving back to the community.

In the event, you are Illinois or Southern Wisconsin, and at one point you need home repair services, you can consider giving your contract to Aloha construction. It has been accredited with an A+ rating for its high-quality services. The company also makes follow-ups of their work, thus don’t worry when looking for a company that will undertake repairs at your home and more information click here.

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Betsy DeVos: The Woman Changing Education In America

Betsy DeVos is known to be a woman in power owing to the incredible position that she holds today. She is currently the education minister of the country and was elected to the post after one of the most controversial voting sessions in the country since the founding fathers. It was by just one vote that Betsy DeVos managed to secure her seat in the parliament as the Education Minister of America. Today, she stands as one of the most influential women in the entire country under the presidency of Donald Trump. The people who are working alongside her, and have worked in the past can attest to the incredible leadership skills that she possesses, which is also what has helped her reach where she currently is in the industry. Betsy DeVos is regarded as an amazing woman who has worked hard to get to where she currently is in the government.


Betsy DeVos is considered to be one of the most philanthropic women in the entire country. When she was working, she would regularly donate to organizations and charities. The company that she ran was one that focused on providing a renewable source of energy for power generation, which is an issue that people care about deeply. Today, her primary focus is on bringing about educational reforms in the society by bringing on social change. She believes that she can make a difference to society by empowering those who want to seek a higher level of education, and for those who know that they have it in them to transform society. Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos have been featured numerous times on Forbes Magazine’s list as some of the top philanthropies in the entire world. Together, the duo formed the DeVos Family Foundation which is an organization that is dedicated to offering scholarships and other aid to those who do not have the money to support themselves. The foundation established the Education Freedom Fund, which was a particular funding structure that was put aside to help achieve the goals that Betsy has for the country and the education society in general.


Betsy DeVos regularly hands out scholarships through the organization to people who come from underprivileged backgrounds and want to seek a better level of education. She has helped several children through the course of her career, giving them what they need to grow up to become well-functioning members of society. The scholarships are given to these students with the hope that they will go on to seek aid at private institutions that cater to their skills and what they want to learn. The education freedom fund does not only support children but also adults who are working to improve their qualifications and provides them with scholarships as well.


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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: Qualifications of a lawyer in Brazil

Law practice has never been a walk in the park. For one to become a lawyer it takes years of hard work and determination for one to be finally regarded as a lawyer. First, it is the long period through which you have to go through the education system. Unlike other professionals where one automatically starts practicing after attaining an undergraduate degree, it’s different in law. After graduating, one is supposed to join a law school. It is only after sitting and passing the bar examination that one is allowed to start practicing law. The undergraduate law degree program takes five years with the law school and bar exam following immediately. Then one is supposed to take on an internship program with a registered legal firm and contact him.

Even after being inducted into the bar, you still have a lot to do in terms of client representation. You have to diligently handle client’s cases failure to which you risk having a bad reputation or being struck out of the bar membership. This is one career that one has to guided by virtues of being a hard work, endurance and commitment. It is the determination and commitment that lawyers put in their work that makes the profession very lucrative and one which pays very well and learn more about Ricardo.

Brazil today is one nation that has the biggest number of institutions offering law related courses. It also has the biggest number of law school in the world. This is the reason there are thousands of practicing lawyers in Brazil. The Brazilian legal system and institutions were established after the end of colonialism by the Portuguese. This is the reason why most of the laws applied in Brazil are identical to those applied in the European countries. They borrow a lot from the Germans and the French too and more information click here.


Ricardo Tosto

It is unfair to discuss the legal industry in Brazil without mentioning the most prominent lawyer in business litigation Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto is a highly respected lawyer who has had many years of experience working on very many cases in and out of courts of law. Ricardo Tosto today runs one of the largest law firms in Brazil. Credibility and high-quality representation have seen Ricardo Tosto attract clients from all over the world.

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Retired Professor Donates One Million To Planetarium Project

No one expected to receive what retired professor, Mary McChesney, was ready to gift to a prestigious Southern California community college. In the form of one million dollars, McChesney donated the funds to their most recent planetarium construction project. Mary McChesney worked for the college for many years before she decided to officially retire in the early 80’s. McChesney shows a valid love for the college, surrounding community and the education of students. The gifted funds will generate a new pendulum structure that will model the Earth and its rotation process. The old planetarium located at the college was over 50 years old and with all of the technology changes happening in the world today, it was definitely time for an upgrade. McChesney is now 91 years old, however, she continues to take part in many scholarship programs and organizations. Her love for education and immediate passion for the community has allowed her the ability to donate the funds in honor of her partner, Adelyn Bonin, who passed away earlier this year. She was also a professor at the college who taught German. McCesney taught two subjects that pertained to Spanish and English. She taught for several decades before she retired. The newest construction on the planetarium will hold 129 students while the old unit would only hold 35 visitors. Learn more:


In the heart of Southern California lies the 100 plus acre college. With only a few minutes from the beach, Costa Mesa holds the prestigious community college that has been ranked at the top as one of the most advanced colleges in California. Their facility offers some of the best educational services along with the latest technology. Their academic programs offer over 135 courses that are catered to associate degrees in science and art. Many of the students are enrolled in Career and Technical Education classes. After the students graduate with their associates degree, many move on to private universities or large scale universities throughout the world. With over 20,000 students attending each semester, the staff at OCC are dedicated to providing exceptional education that forms amazing talent with each individual.

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Beneful Products and Discounts

There are tons of Beneful options at Walmart. If you have a puppy they’ve got Beneful for you. If you’ve got a dog they’ve got Beneful for you! Heck, you may even want to try it for yourself because it’s delicious! Don’t take my word for it though. Your dog will certainly love it. Each dish is intentionally formulated to enhance the health and lifestyle of your dog or puppy. Wal Mart offers many varieties so you can specifically cater your dogs meals to his or her taste preferences. Each dish is made with real ingredients like various vegetables and real chicken and beef. BenefulWalmart also has a special dish made with real salmon that is becoming quite the hot commodity. Dogs love the all natural taste and heartiness each meal has to offer. Beneful has been proven to prolong the lives of dogs as well as enhance their lifestyles.

There are sure to be many coupons available depending on the season. If you search for a coupon you might just find one. If not, there are some other options you can try such as a quick google search. Many third party websites may have coupons available to print on demand. You are also likely to find some kind of ad for Beneful in your local weekend or daily ads. Wal Mart also does rollbacks every once in a while. Again this is all dependent on the season in which you are looking and the current inventory of your local walmart.

Goettl Is Purchasing Walton’s Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Goettl Air Conditioning Company recently announced their plan to have the ownership of a California based heating and air company called Walton’s. The family owned business has been going through an ownership transformation since 2015. Although the details of the transaction were withheld, it is clear that it was good business. The business deal allows the acquirer who is Goettl to fully control the business. This is instrumental to Walton’s growth as well as expansion given that Goettl is actively recognized in multiple regions like Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas as well as a big region in California. It therefore means that the transaction will play a huge role in expanding Walton’s territory. According to the owner of the firm Mr. Longbrake, Walton’s growth was an indication of the company’s legacy and commitment to serve the society.


In a speech to explain the nature of transfer of ownership, Longbrake stated that he had done his best in growing the company. He had grown the company business to a different level and that was the best he could do. When Goettl approached him for acquisition, he was reluctant hoping that he could grow the firm further. That was in early 2015 when the firm was doing exceptionally well. He however changed his mind after reading a lot of positive customer review from several clients. This was a clear sign that Goettl was committed to expanding its territory be extending its services. Ken Goodrich’s input also contributed to him changing his mind concerning the business. The business was virtually conducted in 2015 after ken Goodrich’s input.


Longbrake was recruited for an executive position at Goettl. This is because of his extensive experience in the field. Since he was also a leader at Walton, retaining him seemed like the best decision the company made. He took the positions of a sales manager in addition to being a field supervisor. As soon as he was appointed, Todd Longbrake became instrumental to the firm. He understands the managerial and sales activities of the company. In as much as the business deal was sealed two years ago, according to Biz Journals, there were loopholes that the management of Walton’s had to work on before the announcement.

Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning prides itself for being a market leader. Since it was founded in 1939, Goettl Air Conditioning has developed evaporative coolers as well as refrigerators to tackle issues that are related to severe desert temperatures. From then, the company has become a leading trusted name in the heating and Air Conditioning Company. Visit the company website at

Eric Lefkofsky and the Role of Tempus in Transforming Cancer Care Delivery

At some point in life, about 40% of adults in the United States face a cancer diagnosis. The National Cancer Institute shows that nearly 14.5 million adults in the U.S. lived with cancer in 2014 and the figure is anticipated to skyrocket to over 19 million by 2024. However, the prognosis is now looking better thanks to remarkable advances made by companies such as Tempus and read full article.

The development of electronic health records excited people and it appears like the healthcare sector is to some extent up to speed with the modern technology. Eric Lefkofsky never had slight experience with cancer until his wife’s breast cancer diagnosis. The gaping hole available in the field in terms of digital technology and data collection shocked him. Regardless of the numerous data amounts that are collected and generated about patients and treatments every day, there has never been a streamlined or effective way to corral that information and effectively use it.

This is where Tempus comes in. The company had an impressive and lofty goal to change cancer care delivery. It wanted to develop analysis software, but affordable and accessible medical and clinical data was a problem. It has now set up a platform that analyzes molecular and clinical data of a patient effectively and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Tempus also had to overcome the way important information about cancer patients is collected and stored. In most cases, this vital information is in physical notes commonly known as progress notes. Since these are free text fields, they are tricky to analyze and capture. Tempus came up with software that included optical character recognition capabilities and natural language processing. At long last, text fields with pertinent notes could be easily transformed into structured data and used in cancer treatment and care advancement and what Eric knows.


About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky doubles as the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. The company has developed an operating system to help battle cancer. Mr. Lefkofsky has also co-founded other successful companies including Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank, and InnerWorkings among much more. He established a charitable private foundation in 2006 known as the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with the aim of advancing high-impact initiatives.

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