Privinvest Founder Iskandar Safa Expands His Areas Of Interest

The success of Iskandar Safa has allowed him to build a great personal fortune and invest his time in philanthropy. When Iskandar Safa made his first moves towards becoming a professional it would have been difficult for him to imagine the success he has achieved over the course of a 40-year career. The global nature of the Privinvest brand has made it simple for Iskandar Safa to make changes to the umbrella company that has interests across Europe and the Middle East.

As a student, Iskandar Safa made inroads into the sector of civil engineering and tried to make sure the projects he worked on in the Middle East were executed perfectly. It was after making the decision to form the Privinvest company with his brother, Akram that the biggest mark in the career of Iskandar Safa was made when Privinvest purchased the French shipbuilding yard, Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie.

Better known as CMN, Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie has been the major success for Privinvest because of the ability of the group to expand in a period when shipbuilding was meant to be in industrial distress. Privinvest has since focused much of its work on France and parts of Europe where shipbuilding has a traditional hold on the region.

As an entrepreneur, Iskandar Safa is willing to work on different projects and seeks to discover different ways of finding success for the future. One of the most impressive business opportunities sought out by Iskandar Safa and Privinvest has been the marble quarry in the Herault region of France. Find More Information Here.

Despite the fact this marble is sought after for its unique markings, Safa and Privinvest offered an unlimited amount of marble for the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Caring for the future of the world is obviously an important part of the life and career of Iskandar Safa. Click Here for more information.


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