Raffaele Riva Takes Time For Himself During His Day

As an angel investor in New York and London, the days of Raffaele Riva usually start rather early. During an interview, he states that he wakes up before the sun rises every single day of the week when he walks to his favorite coffee shop that is only about a block away from his home. While he is there, Raffaele Riva spends his time checking his emails and the headline while enjoying his morning. He is working with many different businesses located in timezones across the globe and he has to keep in mind the time it is where they are operating. This means that while it may be 5 am in New York City, it’s already 10 am in London and people are well into their workday already.

In order to make sure that he is able to keep up with his team across the globe, Raffaele Riva is used to getting an early start. For the first few hours, he is able to work from his office at home before going into the office. This gives him a chance to spend a little bit of time with his wife and children as they are getting ready for school and to start the rest of their days as well. Usually, the family is all out of the door at around 7:30 and Raffaele Riva is on his way to his office. He still manages to find free time during his busy days to have lunch and spend time with his girls doing different activities.

One of the things that Raffaele Riva finds is able to help him stay productive is making sure to find time focus on his own well-being. He tries to take a quick run or meditate at some point during his day in order to keep him from feeling too stressed from work and consumed by different responsibilities that can impact his stress level. Raffaele Riva gives credit to his daily meditation time to some of the success that he has achieved during his career. It’s important to find what works for you when it comes to your career and personal life.