Redefining Banking in Texas through Professionalism and Accountability

The banking sector continues to be home to professionalism, accountability, and technology. NexBank is one of the few financial institutions that have made this consistency and growth possible. In addition to being one of the leading financial institutions on professionalism and accountability, NexBank is the current best entity in the following monetary awards. First, according to the authoritative ROATCE, the financial entity is the most efficient entity in Texas — based on average (tangible) common equity. Second, the company is also one of the best performing banks in the USA, especially for all companies operating between $3-$10 billion assets — according to S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Apart from the bank being one of the best performing financial institutions, NexBank is diverse in its services. According to management, mortgage banking remains one of the essential financial services in Texas. The bank is keen on bridging the gap between clients and service providers. In the last three years, people and business communities have worked with NexBank in different commercial deals on mortgages. Second, the company is also the trendsetter in commercial banking. The financial institution offers more than six commercial banking services. Finally, the company is home to excellent institutional services. Over the years, the company has diversified its services to accommodate five different services. You can checkout for more details.

Customer satisfaction is one of the pillars in NexBank structure. In order to make customer satisfaction a reality, the company has invested in the following vital structures. First, the entity is one of the few financial institutions that have a well-funded customer care department. The department ensures that all the customer’s concerns are put into actionable solutions. In the past five years, NexBank has continually increased the budget for this important department. Second, the company’s blueprint recognizes the importance of customers. It is one of the few financial institutions — in the USA and Texas — to ratify customer satisfaction.

Apart from being one of the best financial institutions in terms of structures and diversification of services, Nexbank is home to privacy. The bank is also one of the few banking entities to have secure systems — with multiple security layers. Investing in security has guaranteed customer’s security and more importantly, security layers have enabled the company to prevent theft of users’ information.