Riot Games works on anti addiction software

In the recently months, Riot Games has been following the request and lead of its parent company known to many in China and around the world as Tencent. The large business has bowed down to the pressure that is picking up within China’s media and even the government that young players are becoming addicted to video games. The main game is the popular League of Legends. Apparently, there are a huge number of minors that sit and play this game until the wee hours of the night. Now, Riot games has to do their due diligence and come up with a better way to create or use their anti-addictive software to slow these little guys down regarding their game play. It might be limited to only a two hour window for every day they play. The goals is for minors to begin getting a warning when their time is up. Players that ignore these will be pushed off the system. It will not let them play through and if the warnings continue they face suspension.

Tencent also has their hand in the popular company known as Epic Games. Tencent shows that it is being responsible and taking the China government concerns very seriously. In the last few months, Tencent, did it’s part by requesting MOBA have upgraded software for the anti-addictive software. In addition to that, China’s government is asking for ID tracking devices for minors. The company is working to make sure that playing time is restricted during 9pm to 8a.m. The identification is almost like a surveillance mechanism that will reveal when these minors are playing during the day. It appears this particular group has the China government concerned with the overall issue of video game addiction that can seem to creep up on those at a young age.