Securus Technologies – Using Advanced Technology For Inmates Communications And Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies is a well-known name among the prisoners as well as the law enforcement officials in the United States. It is because it is a company that provides a broad range of technological solutions, products, and services that serve inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies. The company’s services are helpful with investigations, emergency response, incident management, and more.



It makes it easier for the law enforcement agencies to capture the convict and have sufficient evidence to present against the offenders in the court of justice. The services of Securus Technologies are used by over 3,450 law enforcement and public safety agencies, and the figure is expected to rise soon as the company plans nationwide expansion. At present, the services of Securus Technologies are used by over 1,200,000 prisoners in the United States. Over the years, millions have used the services offered by the company, and the company has received rave reviews from its clientele online and offline.



In a recent move, Securus Technologies showcased the excerpts from the letters law enforcement officials have written to the company. In the letters, the officials have mentioned how the LBS and other services help with crime prevention and gathering sufficient evidence to convict the offenders. The CEO of the company, Rick Smith, who helped the company rise to its current position, also used the press release to offer an open invitation to the existing and potential clients to visit the highly advanced technology center of Securus Technologies located in Dallas, TX.



As a law enforcement officer myself, I am deeply thankful to Securus Technologies in helping me perform my duty more accurately. Its LBS service is highly helpful in getting the data and information necessary for the dangerous elements of the society and helps catch them on time. Also, at many occasions, the company’s products and services help with crime prevention using advanced technology.