Sergey Petrossov Sees Continued Potential for JetSmarter in Travel Industry

SERGEY PETROSSOVOne of the biggest advancements to mankind over the past 50 years has been the continued development and improvement in air travel. Today, traveling by air is more affordable and efficient than ever before, which has helped to connect people all over the world like never before. While traveling by plane is still the most efficient way to get to your final destination, many people would still consider it a challenging experience. Due to long lines, flight delays, and general frustration, commercial travel leaves a lot to be desired.  

While flying on a commercial plane is a challenge for many people, there are other alternatives. One other option that some people are able to consider is to fly on either a private or chartered plane. This travel option typically comes with a lot more comfort and efficiency. However, it is also a lot more expensive and not always a practical option for all people. While private air travel used to be an unobtainable option for transportation, a new company called JetSmarter is making it a more practical option.


The JetSmarter company is an interesting new concept that allows people from all over the globe to gain access to private flights at a much more reasonable rate. The concept was developed by young entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov who saw the glaring need for it in the marketplace. Today, under the growth of Sergey Petrossov, thousands of people are able to use the JetSmarter app to book a spot on a private jet or charter their own flight. It also allows those that own planes to lease them out, which can help to drastically reduce the amount of money spent.  The JetSmarter company is also gaining the attention of investors. Many private investors see the potential that this provides and view it as a company that could transform the once stale industry.