Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov, the Genius Behind JetSmarter

2009 was the first time Sergey Petrossov had ever flown on a jet and he was surprised by the complexity of the booking process. This complicated process sparked an idea for the young entrepreneur: create an app that can be used globally to simplify the booking process. He did exactly that and created JetSmarter, a mobile app used for booking private jets, similar to Uber. Today, there are currently 14,000 paid members with an annual membership fee of around $15,000. While JetSmarter does not own the jets, the company works with charter businesses to help clients book entire private planes or share seats on a route scheduled by another individual.

Sergey moved to Florida at a young age and has always had the drive and passion to create companies. In high school, he started an import-export business focused on tire rims. During his student years at the University of Florida, Sergey Petrossov became involved in computer science and even joined a live chatting startup company. This was the turning point in which he found a passion for going into the technology industry.

Before JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov was the co-founder of an educational startup company that sold cloud-based software to universities and schools in Russia and Eastern Europe. These countries could not afford legacy systems, so his solution made the software more affordable.

Sergey Petrossov

After taking his first private jet flight, Petrossov learned how wasteful private jets were and desired to find a realistic solution. He realized that this multi-billion-dollar industry required calling a charter company to book and signing an endless number of papers. It was a completely arduous, analog, inefficient, and manual process. Furthermore, the average airplane only had two-to-three people per flight which was significantly driving up the cost due to underutilization. The result was JetSmarter, an app that digitally organizes planes with high utilization and a lower cost of entry to the consumer.