Smita Shah: Tips to make in the male job world

Smita Shah is among the list of successful women-owned businesses throughout the country. She is an engineer and strong-willed entrepreneur who has made her mark inside the male-driven industries. Shah has a unique approach when talking about helping other female entrepreneurs see themselves dominating in the world of business. Shah has her own influential business position with her firm called SPAAN Tech. Her firm is well-known for handling complex issues on projects that seem to be easy for them to manage. 


Shah’s background shows her being a self-proclaimed nerd in her early days within her elementary school. From there, she reached success as her performances at her college during “math relays” which were impressive, to say the least. Now, as a thriving female entrepreneur, Shah has created some powerful tips to help the next female entrepreneurs see her way through the male populated environment of business. Shah’s empowerment method is about helping women see their full potential and regaining a better self-image. She states that most female entrepreneurs have a poor image of themselves and lack imagining their own success. Shah believes it takes for them to see and come in contact with other successful and thriving female businesswomen inside their fields. Here are some of Shah’s shared tips to consider.


Self believing


Shah has stated that a good positive self-image can help many female entrepreneurs and it’s important to have. It’s one’s skills that have gotten them where they are and that’s something Shah says must be respected. It doesn’t matter how far their reach is within their career, it about how they managed to get these is the key and they need to be proud of that. Experience, Shah believes, is what brings us wisdom and can give a businesswoman leverage in leadership duties. It’s not about how great or horrible the experience may have been, Shah reminds us to use that experience to our advantage. Credit doesn’t only have to go to your employees. Try padding yourself on the back for all the recognition and success you’ve achieved. Give respect to any kind of new concept or innovation. One can always find rewards in respecting themselves as they work through their careers. Learn more:


Examine skills


Shah doesn’t hold back when talking about skills, in that, to believe in ourselves is one of the most important elements of being a successful entrepreneur. It’s no different than valuing your worth as a corporate leader. Shah lays out how women are raised as young girls to take the passive approach, yet the business sector is filled with competition and is highly active. She states that female entrepreneurs shouldn’t shy away from getting dirty just as male personalities often do when they are asserting themselves in their jobs. Shah says it’s instinct what women have to rely on, while men have a list of role models to guide them in the right direction. She is all for the idea of self-talking to keep your inner spirit alive.

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