Students Can Learn to Relax with the ClassDojo App

It’s difficult to find time to relax in a cell phone and technology driven society, but taking the time to actually focus on relaxation techniques does have health and mental benefits. Regardless of whether we are high school/college students rushing to class or adult employees that strive to please our managers, we all have our own versions of stress. However, finding a window of time in our day to slow down and reflect can help us adequately deal with daily stresses of school or a job. Signs of anxiety in elementary school kids can be especially troubling.

The ClassDojo app is often used by teachers to track student behavior and allows them to create daily assignments to share with parents. Parents can obtain instant feedback of their child’s progress. This includes scores on assignments, homework and class projects, and conduct. Traditionally, parent-teacher conferences were generally held every two months. With ClassDojo, parents and teachers are able to detect problems with their child’s learning progress and address those issues more efficiently.

Elementary school students can benefit from the “Mindful Moments” automated meditation exercises through the ClassDojo app. These techniques can alleviate early anxiety symptoms. Some of the Mindful Moment sessions include a British narrator instructing students to listen to the resonance from a ringing bell (for several minutes). Also, it teaches shape-shifting, the ability to transform oneself into another object (such as a ship on a rocky sea). This helps the student to transcend and navigate through different emotions. The app also features a mascot, a monster, who mimics the cues from the narrator.

ClassDojo is rising in popularity with the introduction of both the virtual classroom and meditations exercises. Five weeks after the app’s launch, 12,000 teachers signed up for it. This app will encourage more open communication among teachers, parents, and students since all of the information is at their fingertips.