Progress and Improvement at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare, a UK based network of support services and facilities for the elderly and disabled, has been focused on progress since its inception. The staff at Sussex Healthcare is eager to make positive changes to improve the lives and health of their residents. As they make these strides toward improvement, SHC is dedicated to providing all of its employees and customers with clear communication about any changes implemented.

Sussex Healthcare has hard-working, trained staff at each of their care homes; these employees work under management to improve the conditions of the homes, provide excellent care, correct any issues, and make positive impacts on patient’s lives. The staff at SCH are committed to identifying how they can improve and making positive changes for their residents. Sussex healthcare is also actively working to recruit new nurses and care assistants to join their team.

The staff at Sussex homes aren’t the only ones working towards positive change; the IT department at SHC is making changes as well. In addition to providing support for Sussex staff and residents, the IT department works on numerous programs dedicated to improving technology at SHC. They have already upgraded corporate mobile phones and are now in the process of updating Microsoft Office Suite software across all Sussex locations. Their future projects include redesigning and relaunching the company’s intranet and creating online methods for Sussex staff and residents to request IT and Estates help.

SHC is also working to move away from large group activities in their homes and instead provide residents with more customized experiences. SHC has already conducted trials to this effect at two of their homes, The Laurels and Longfield, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from staff and residents. Residents at The Laurels have already held their first committee meeting in which the could provide feedback and new ideas to improve their stay. Their feedback resulted in the opening of a new cafe at Longfield and a new social hub at The Laurels.

Sussex Healthcare has made great progress in terms of improving the quality of life for its residents. With their dedicated staff and commitment to improvement, SHC is sure to continue moving in a positive direction. Sussex Healthcare is Moving in a Positive Direction

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