Talkspace – Is Text Therapy for Real?

Reading through reviews from those who have tried Talkspace Reviews as an alternative to traditional therapy, there is a consistent theme: a successful and helpful therapy platform that allows the anonymity of texting from a licensed mental health worker who is available every day.

The intake seems to appear as an automated “bot” with answers that seem somewhat canned, but when the actual therapist begins to interact, it is obvious that there is a real person on the other end of the phone.

When sitting in a traditional therapy setting, it is much more difficult to strip down all of the emotional armor that we all spend building up in an effort to be ‘normal’. Being in your own environment – your ‘safe place’ – whether that’s home, in your car, or wherever, and being somewhat anonymous in a text allows a greater sense of ease. Perhaps when a client is not sitting across from the therapist and having to observe body language or vocal intonations, just reading the string of texts from the therapist makes it easier to get to the root of the real problems.

In an age of millenials and Gen X survivors, where the world has become almost socially inept, the idea of seeking out and traveling to a professional for help with mental health can almost seem daunting. The idea of an online mental health professional who is willing to chat on a daily basis via text about issues, whether big or little, is extremely enticing. Being able to explore deep issues while commuting, laying in bed, walking around the block or wherever else not only makes mental health services more accessible to those who may not be able to actually make the time, but also adds a component of convenience that is extremely enticing to many who truly need therapy. Read more: