The American Addiction Centers Highlights Drug and Alcohol Abuse among College Students

One trend that government agencies, relevant bodies, and parents should be on the lookout of is the rising numbers of college students who are engaging in drug and substance abuse.

Drug and substance abuse in the colleges and university is in the upward trajectory, and it is estimated that the highest levels of people misusing drugs and alcohol are college-going students.

The trend is disturbing, and that is why organizations such as American Addiction Centers are coming out to raise awareness about drug abuse in colleges among parents. Students are going back to school now that the summer holidays are over.

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Learning is set to resume in August, but one of the greatest impediment to education is the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Statistics from the American Addiction Centers has revealed that 1 in 3 college-going students have engaged in binge drinking at one point. Also, about 1 in 5 students have used an illegal drug at some point.

The research from AAC also tried to find out how many students have tasted alcohol in the past month and shockingly 62 percent of the students admitted to having drunk it. Besides alcohol majority of the college-going students are abusing amphetamine type of drugs with about 10 percent of them abusing the Adderall drug.

One college going student who became highly addicted to Adderall drugs and whose story most students can relate to is Missy Pollack. Pollack, who is an alumni coordinator at the Fort Lauderdale, FL based Recovery First Treatment Center, first got addicted to drug abuse at college.

It is at the college level that many students have the first encounter with drugs. It is so unfortunate that many get hooked up at this stage in their lives.

The college stage of education is very crucial in a child’s life and will determine their future. Many students lose their bearing at the college level without knowing, and Pollack was one of them.

Missy Pollack started using the drug as a joke, and within no time, she became hooked up. A friend of hers gave her the drugs while she was studying for the exams. She became more alert and felt definite that she was going to need the drugs again.

She continued using the drugs for some years until she finally became an addict. In the end, she was fortunate enough to receive help, and she is now five years drug-free.

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Some of the signs that Pollack experienced while she was a drug addict and is urging parents and friends to be on the lookout for includes a sudden change in appearance, unexplained hot or cold behavior, too much sleeping or the lack of it and unexplained paranoia among others.

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