The Copper Colored Penny And It’s Worth

The U.S Monetary system is constantly changing along with every other part of life. The copper-colored penny holds the lowest worth of all the coins. Today, most people will leave their pennies on the counters for the next customer as a simple act of kindness or drop it on the ground for a collector.

Some may feel that if people can do away with this coin as they do then it is no longer worth having as a part of the system. The continuation of the penny’s existence and production are up for debate. There are arguments regarding the coin’s worth as well as its impact on our mindsets and environment. Read more: US Money Reserve President Discusses The Elimination of Penny  and US Money Reserve INC | BBB

People are explaining that the penny’s production costs more than it is actually worth. This coin is only worth one cent but it contributes to the 2.1 billion dollar trade deficit between the U.S and China. This coin is made from Zinc and small components of other metals like copper. Zink mining companies who are involved claim that the constant use of Zinc to produce the penny can bring about unfortunate circumstances for our financial and environmental wellbeing.

There are people who are opposed to this argument as well. An Organization called People for Common Sense are willing to pay money to Washington D.C so that they can help to continue the production of the penny. They consider themselves friends of the penny and supportive of its message.

They feel that Abraham Lincoln’s face on the penny reminds The People about the Emancipation Proclamation and how Abraham Lincoln helped bring America to a free way of living. The penny symbolized the flexibility of The United States of America and how it can excel and succeed over time.

Maybe one day the penny’s only purpose may be to remind us all how the slaves of The United States of America fought for their freedom and won!

The U.S Reserve not only makes money but they also produce Gold without it selling out. What will they decide to do? Can they keep the copper-colored coin’s meaning alive without causing any harm to the environment?

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