Tips From Paul Saunders on How to Fund Your Business

Did you know that there are a number of ways entrepreneurs can find funding for their ideas? So few entrepreneurs have their own money set aside specifically for the purpose of preparing their business idea to go to someone to ask for a partnership backing. 


Paul Saunders, the CEO of James River Capital, knows what it’s like to have an idea that strikes, yet no idea where to turn to get the right funding for it. Regardless of how genius the idea is, there’s no one ready to throw money at you. However, there are some great sources out there to help you with funding, and furthering the process. 


Paul Saunders is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business and where to find your funding. His experience and his willingness to help other entrepreneurs is one of the reasons he was drawn to James River Capital. Earning a B.A. from the University of Virginia, he was passionate about finance overall. 


One of the first areas he worked in was investment banking. Working in a corporate setting would be his first job, giving him some basic training for what he was about to pursue. He was quickly promoted to Director of Managed Account, and future positions included taking on the role of President for KP Futures Management. This firm was known as an alternative investment firm. 


Paul Saunders recognizes that the most basic method of funding for your business; bootstrapping is not always the easiest. If you throw your own money into the pot, you are more likely to gain the respect of investors that are willing to help you. 


Crowdfunding is another great way to grow to fund your business. It’s yet another alternative type of funding, but you are calling on those you have known for a long time to aid in contributing funds to help you grow your business. Campaigns can raise millions when they are launched correctly. 


The third method he recommends for raising funds is applying for a business loan. It’s a matter of looking for the right lender, and whether or not they have a willingness to back you up. Local loans are also a consideration depending upon your local city. Checking in with your Chamber of Commerce often pays, but you have to be assertive enough to find out. 


Angel investors are yet another great option to find funding for your business. They may be looking for a very specific type of business to invest in, but they are a great option for seeking funds when someone is interested in what you’re doing, and perhaps they can partner with you to help you through each phase of launching your business. Learn more: