Tips to marketing a product from Steve Lesnard

Social media is changing the way people can market their products through a wide range of tools but if done ineffectively can hurt an item’s sales. Steve Lesnard, an expert marketer who even has his own podcast on Moidiam shares two ways to successfully marketing a product. Interestingly, the first tip that he shares is for people to keep it simple as he uses an example from prominent company Disney in how they always seem to get the story right and how each item has to have an excellent introduction that outlines the new elements to it with the benefits to consumers. However, doing all of that is easier said than done. Steve Lesnard uses another example to highlight his point with an iPod campaign that was simple in creating a device for people to listen to music wherever they went. It was not only created at a good time but highlighted why it was important and the simple element that it offered to people. Lesnard makes a note that Apple keeps on making products that add something new to them while making them simple. Another example is a fitness company called Peleton that offered exercise right from home and which provided a different kind of experience to consumers. The second and final tip that he shares in marketing a product successfully is focusing on the experience. When people choose to purchase a product they want to know what it does but also how it looks, feels, and lastly, its value. Steve Lesnard shares that the inclusion of videos on what it does and reviews from others can go a long way in marketing. A company named Yeti marketed their products by using ambassadors who posted pictures of them with nature while using the coolers and highlighted the features of the item. Steve Lesnard ends the blog post asking the audience what they can do when it comes to getting the right ambassadors, features of the item, and how to productively market the product. Lesnard can be found on LinkedIn for advice and be followed on his blog on Medium.


Medium blog post on product marketing