TJ Maloney and Lincolnshire Management Seal the Holley Performance Parts Exit Deal

When two companies that have enjoyed a great partnership for many years part ways, it is always a big transaction. It is because one of the companies has invested a lot of money in the other and so, the exit should be worth a lot of money. This is the story of Lincolnshire Management and Holley Performance Parts. Lincolnshire Management recently revealed that Holley Performance parts had been sold and therefore, their partnership had come to an end. For financial observers, one of the things that should be watched is how each one of them will fair on after the exit.

About the deal

When Lincoln Management announced that they had sold Holley Performance Parts, they were guarded about the terms of the transaction. They only revealed that it had been advised by some of the most trusted financial advisers. However, Lincolnshire Management revealed that they had sold it to one of the many affiliates of Sentinel Capital Partners. The affiliates will then merge Holley with another company called Driven Performance Brands. As Holley finds a new home, their former owners will be happy to cash on the deal and they will probably be heading back to the markets in search of a new acquisition.

The story of Holley and Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management acquired Holley in 2013. Lincolnshire Management had identified it as one of the fastest growing middle level companies and so, they decided to pump some money in it. Their investment paid off because since then, Holley grew to become a leading name in branded products. In the automotive industry, they were making lots of sales and profits. This in turn translated into more money for Lincolnshire management. The CEO of Lincolnshire Management, TJ Maloney even pointed out that this is one of the companies that brought a lot of fortunes to Lincolnshire. In addition to that, she praised the leadership team and their management style.

In 1986, Lincolnshire Management was founded as a company that will provide equity. They wanted to fill the gap that existed in the industry, and they did it perfectly. Today, the management team of Lincolnshire Management consists of some of the best minds that you will ever find in this industry.

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