TJ Maloney Is Grateful For His Team At Lincolnshire Management

The founding of Lincolnshire Management took place in 1986 in the Greater New York area. Over the years, the company has continued to grow and now has offices in several different cities including Atlanta, Chicago, and Las Angelos. Right now, the investment firm handles around $1.7 billion in private venture capital. The most recent fund that was created is worth $835 million alone. The company is currently thriving with TJ Maloney leading the investment firm into the future. In the last decade and a half or so that they have been in business, they have already acquired more than 70 companies for their extensive portfolio.


TJ Maloney and the rest of the team at Lincolnshire Management are always looking for new ways to expand their company even further through creative investment techniques that drive results and revenue for clients. With product lines, they work to refresh the products that are already there while expanding by offering new ones. Lincolnshire Management is known for coming up with creative solutions for problems that their clients are facing. There are a lot of challenges when operating this type of business and their CEO is grateful to have such a strong team behind him that help to bring ideas and solutions to life for the investments made.


TJ Maloney has been with the investment firm known as Lincolnshire Management since 1993. He managed to obtain the positions of Chairman and CEO after working for different companies before joining them. In the past, TJ Maloney had been busy working with large law firms in New York City in areas such as securities, mergers, and acquisitions. In addition, TJ Maloney was also working with Boston College Wall Street Council as a Chairman for the organization He has also served Fordham University and Boston College in similar capacities in the recent past. When he isn’t busy working, he enjoys being able to relax and spnd time with the family that he loves.

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