Whitney Wolfe’s Idea Behind The Platform Of Bumble

The idea behind Bumble is very simple in itself within the fact that men and women swipe left and right on each other, but the woman must respond first. It’s a very simple platform, but it has a strong meaning behind it. Whitney Wolfe, the woman behind this app, has quite the story as to why she came up with this idea.

Whitney Wolfe explains that women every day are being faced with bullying and pressure every single day from apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, among other social media platforms. She decided to go ahead and build Merci, a social network for young women to come together and provide positivity. She then ended up being asked by also in the app development business if she wanted to venture out into the dating business once again since she had already left the Tinder empire.

This is where the woman and feminist idea came to fruition with Bumble. She says that this app is 100 percent feminist in nature, and it supports the idea of putting women on the pedestal, as the one who decides which guys have a chance or not. Men usually are used to having the chance to do all the initial work on other dating apps, but this app does the opposite.

Bumble utilizes the same swiping nature found in most apps today; originally popularized by Tinder. Bumble now also offers new ways to connect with people, alongside messaging features that outperform any other on the market right now. Whitney Wolfe is a proud Mother to this app because she knows of what it has accomplished over the years with millions of people who use it daily to find love, friendship, and dates. Those used to the world of online dating will find Bumble to be a breath of fresh air.

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